Rev Thornhill and convocation 2
The Reverend Russell E. Thornhill delivers the benediction at the STORIES Circle event co-hosted by The AMAAD Institute.

FAM Update from the Board Chair, 2022 2Q

Dear friends,

It’s been a busy quarter for us at FAM. We’ve held three successful STORIES Circle events in South Los Angeles, Hollywood and Downtown, bringing people together to share their HIV/AIDS stories so that they can heal and feel heard and supported.

In these intimate events, six storytellers and one facilitator are randomly assigned to a circle where they sit around a candlelit table, telling and reacting to stories that some haven’t told in years or have never told anyone. Each event has 8-10 circles, for a total of 48-60 storytellers.

One man at our event in Hollywood told me that until the day of our event, he had never told his story to anyone other than his doctor. A participant from our South LA event wrote: “My heart was warm and encouraged. We had some great stories at my table. I really loved it.”

It is humbling and rewarding to know that our events are having such a positive impact on our community.

These events would not have been possible without our hardworking community partners:

These events benefited from funding from a grant to FAM from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

We will continue to hold these events at a variety of locations and for a variety of communities in the Los Angeles area, so that we can hear and tell diverse stories that expand our awareness and compassion for people with differing experiences and circumstances.

We are planning to do STORIES Circle events focused on young people, women, trans people, the API community and other segments of our wonderfully diverse area. Some of the stories told at these events will be separately recorded by the storytellers and included in our HEAR our STORIES collection of audio recordings that appear on our website and will be available via mobile devices at our Monument.

Please consider participating in an upcoming event so that you can share your personal story!

Also please be sure to follow us on Instagram and FaceBook where you can see and hear videos related to our HEAR Our STORIES audio recordings project. We released the following audio stories (with accompanying video) in the past quarter:

We at FAM hope you have an enjoyable summer.