Here is a video of the full event (excluding the stories told in the Circles, which FAM does not videotape so as to ensure a safe space and sense of privacy and confidentiality for the storytellers).
Past Event

STORIES Circle Event #2: AMAAD Institute

On May 19, 2022 at Magic Johnson Park, the AMAAD Institute partnered with FAM to co-host the STORIES Circle event Resilience + Repairing: Memoirs Untold.  Please click here to watch a video of the event.

More than 60 people gathered at the park’s indoor facility to participate in the STORIES Circle activity, which consisted of one hour of individual storytelling from survivors, activists, caregivers, community organizers, political leaders, and those who lost loved ones.

The event was funded in part by a grant to FAM from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Project HIV.E (HIV Education & Empowerment), led by the AMAAD Institute’s South LA Cohort, spearheaded many components of the event, including securing the location and choosing the guest of honor, Shane Jenkins of the Magic Johnson Foundation.  Ms. Jenkins, who has worked with Magic Johnson for more than 20 years on HIV/AIDS advocacy efforts, spoke eloquently and emotionally of her personal connections to her work.

The mission of the STORIES Circle event series is to build community and foster storytelling among those affected by HIV & AIDS and expand awareness of STORIES: The AIDS Monument.  To be notified of FAM’s future STORIES Circle events, please sign up to receive our quarterly newsletter and to receive event notifications.