Sharon Stone on video
Sharon Stone, supporter of STORIES: The AIDS Monument, spoke during a fundraiser

FAM Update from the Board Chair, 2021 Q2

May 4, 2021

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, FAM hosted an update on Zoom with dozens of our donors, from $500 to $500,000. We showed the progress we are making with the physical Monument, reviewed the design of the physical Monument, and shared our on-going work on the digital Monument of audio stories, interviews and other programming.

Award-winning actor and friend of FAM Sharon Stone reminded us that the Monument “will last beyond our lifetimes and leave a mark so that … people we have lost and loved will be remembered, and we will be remembered for the struggle and strife, and … this world we have changed.”

As Sharon says: “Let’s do our very best to leave this AIDS memorial for those who come after us – they will know the friendship, the camaraderie, the dignity and love we have all shared and the family we have become during this terrible crisis.”

If you would like to view the event, which lasts just under 34 minutes and includes two emotional stories from FAM’s HEAR our STORIES audio recordings project, please click on this link.

Feel free to share this update with your friends, employers and colleagues who might want to learn about STORIES: The AIDS Monument and to support us with a donation.