Taller versions of this prototype will be a defining feature of STORIES: The AIDS Monument.

Trace Prototype Displayed for 2021 World AIDS Day

From the 4Q 2021 Newsletter:

On Dec. 1, 2021, FAM commemorated World AIDS Day with an event in West Hollywood Park, where attendees were able to view a miniature protoype of the future AIDS Monument’s Traces.  The Traces will be a defining feature of The Monument.

The Monument will include more than 200 of these Traces, which will tower above us at a height of 15 feet.  The Traces will lightly touch the ground and pierce the sky.

The bronze surface of the Traces will have a variable, organic quality, and each Trace will have a slightly different color.  In that way, like a person, each Trace will be unique, although the shape of each Trace will be consistent.