NIH Evaluates Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV SuppressionHIV-to-HIV Kidney Transplant Performed Successfully‘London Patient’ Reportedly Second to be Cured of HIVPrEP & Vaginal Ring Considered for Girls in Southern AfricaNIH Develops Tool to Measure HIV Cure StrategiesAustralian Study Links Diagnosis Reduction to PrEPThai Study Confirms Accuracy of U=U MessageComputer Simulation Predicts Transmission Patterns Across PopulationsStudies Show HIV-Positive People Suffer from Heart Disease at 2x RateEarly Antiretroviral Therapy Linked to Cancer PreventionNew Study: ART Key to Healthy BrainNIH Launches Study of Antiretrovirals & Pregnant WomenGates Foundation Invests in HIV-Prevention ImplantsNIH Announces HIV Vaccine Trial in South AfricaResearchers Report Gender Differences in Truvada DosageFirst Report of HIV Infection Despite TruvadaResearchers Report Increasing Resistance to TenofovirFDA Approves Test Differentiating Between HIV-1 & HIV-2Study Shows Effectiveness of Antiretrovirals in Preventing TransmissionCuba Eliminates Mother-to-Child HIV TransmissionSTART Study Shows Reduced Risk of AIDSNIH Launches Study of Heart Disease Among HIV+HIV Outbreak in Indiana Tied to Injection Drug UseCDC: More Than 90% of New Infections PreventableInjectable Contraceptive May Increase Women’s Risk of HIV‘Mississippi Baby’ No Longer UndetectableInitial Research Supports ‘Undetectable = Untransmittable’ ConceptamfAR Launches $100 Million Research Initiative‘Cured’ HIV Cancer Patients RelapseBone Marrow Transplant Recipients Reportedly Cured of HIVNMAC Issues Plan on Mitigating the Impact of HIV on Black MenNY Times Addresses Middle-Aged People Living With HIVCase Reported of HIV-Infected Child ‘Functionally Cured’Truvada for PrEP ApprovedFDA Approves First At-Home TestResearchers Link ART Therapy to Cardiovascular DiseaseScience Journal Announces ‘Breakthrough of the Year’Rate of Global Infections & Deaths Level OffStudies Confirm Efficacy of Antiretroviral TherapiesCDC Study Supports Use of PrEP As Preventative TherapyPublic Debates Transplant Ban of HIV-Infected OrgansiPrEx Study Shows Risk Reduction in HIV-Negative Men100th Antiretroviral Drug ApprovedNobel Prize Awarded for 1983 Discovery of HIVCDC Corrects Undercount of New HIV CasesStudy Indicates Medical Circumcision Reduces Risk for HIVCDC Revises Guidelines on HIV TestingDiagnostic Test Based on Oral Fluid Samples ApprovedMajority of New U.S. Infections Come from Lack of KnowledgeGates Foundation Donates $60 Million to HIV ResearchEarly AIDS Vaccine Trial FailsFDA Approves New Rapid-Diagnosis TestSide Effects, Drug Resistance Call Therapy Strategy Into QuestionCDC Updates HIV Definition to Help Extend State ReachU.S. Firm Begins Human Trials for Vaccine in ThailandSub-Saharan Africa Shows More Women Infected than MenCDC Issues Guidelines for Antiretroviral TherapyProtease Inhibitor Use Leads to Drug Resistance in SomeFDA Approves First Antiretroviral Drug ComboTotal of U.S. AIDS Cases Begins to DeclineResearcher David Ho Develops ‘Hit Early, Hit Hard’ TreatmentConference Attendees Optimistic about HAART TreatmentFDA Approves First Protease InhibitorCDC Issues Report Supporting Needle-Exchange ProgramsCDC Issues Guidelines on Prevention of Opportunistic InfectionsU.S. Recommends HIV Testing for Pregnant WomenFDA Approves Saliva HIV TestResearchers Recommend AZT to Prevent Mother-to-Infant TransmissionCDC Issues Guidelines for Organ and Tissue TransplantsCDC Ties Definition of AIDS to T-cell CountsU.S. Launches Two Research Studies Focused on WomenFDA Approves Female CondomRapid HIV Blood Test Gives Results in 10 MinutesFDA Adds AZT to Pediatric AIDS Treatment OptionsAIDS Cases Rising Among HeterosexualsU.S. Updates Guidelines for Reducing Healthcare Worker ExposureReport of HIV Transmission via Dentistry Alarms PublicChief Researcher Calls for Access to Experimental TreatmentCDC Updates Guidelines on Transmission Prevention for Healthcare WorkersCDC Issues Treatment Guidelines for PCP PreventionDoctor Skirts NIH Delay in PCP Treatment ProtocolCDC Study: One of Every 500 College Students Infected with HIVVolunteers Enroll in Clinical Trials for HIV VaccineU.S. Launches Study on Transmission in Women & InfantsNew Study: Human Saliva Prevents Spread of AIDS VirusFirst AIDS Drug Released under New FDA RulesAMA Declares Ethical Obligation to Treat PWA’sUniversal Precautions Introduced to Medical EnvironmentCDC Updates Guidelines for Counseling & Antibody TestingWestern Blot: FDA Releases Updated HIV TestAIDS Health Services Program Launches in 11 U.S. CitiesAIDS Virus Officially Called ‘HIV’Virus Spread Grows at Increasing Rate in U.S.CDC Issues Precautions to Prevent Mother-to-Infant TransmissionHaitians Removed from CDC’s High-Risk ListAtlanta Hosts International AIDS ConferenceBlood Test for HIV Becomes AvailableCDC Updates AIDS Definition & Issues Guidelines for Blood ScreeningFauci: Spread of AIDS is AcceleratingCDC Cites IV Drug Use & Needle Sharing as AIDS TransmitterDr. Robert Gallo Identifies Retrovirus as Cause of AIDSFDA Hosts Conference to Consider Protections of Blood SupplyWHO Brings Global Eye to PandemicPediatric AIDS Cases Presented to NY Academy of Science, and RejectedNIH Sponsors ‘Workshop on Epidemiology of AIDS’CDC Rules Out AIDS Transmission by Casual ContactAIDS Exposure Precautions Issued to Healthcare Workers‘AIDS Memorandum’ Created for Research-SharingUCLA Researchers Push for Discovery of AIDS CauseWard 5B: Inpatient AIDS Ward Opens in San FranciscoStanford Blood Bank Begins Screening DonationsNIH Researchers Share AIDS Data & TheoriesPasteur Institute Researchers Discover AIDS VirusCongress Passes Bill with AIDS Research FundingInfant Diagnosed with AIDS following Blood TransfusionCDC Issues Recommendations on AIDS PreventionMECLA Briefing on AIDS Delivers Troubling NewsOpposing Views in CDC & Red Cross Lead to Blood Screening DelaysAPLA Elects Founding Board of DirectorsWomen Included in AIDS Case StudiesFrench Researchers Discover Virus that Causes AIDSCDC Shares Data on AIDS & Hemophilia with Red CrossCDC Reports Additional Pediatric CasesAIDS Precautions Created for Medical PersonnelActivists Launch Hotline at Center for Los Angeles CommunityAIDS Research Bill Introduced (and Dies) in CongressCDC Introduces the Term ‘AIDS’CDC Identifies Hemophilia-AIDS ConnectionResearchers Connect AIDS Transmission to SexU.S. Public Health Service Hosts AIDS Conference at CDCWard 86: First Dedicated AIDS Outpatient Clinic Opens45% of Patients Die by Year-EndPamphlet on KS Distributed to Conference AttendeesPediatric AIDS Cases Surface in New York City‘Patient D’ Dies at the National Institutes of HealthWorld’s First AIDS Clinic Opens in San FranciscoSmall Medical Conference is First to Address EpidemicCDC Reports that 40% of Identified Cases Die of KS/PCPCDC Creates Task Force on Kaposi’s Sarcoma & Opportunistic InfectionsMention of ‘Gay Men’s Pneumonia’ Appears in MediaDoctors Identify More Cases in San Francisco & New York CityFirst Person with AIDS Admitted to NIHCDC Report Receives Nationwide Media AttentionRare Kaposi’s Sarcoma Found among Gay Men in NY & CACDC Reports Initial Cases of HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles