Profiles in Leadership: Marc Ware

At STORIES: The AIDS Monument we’d like our supporters to become better acquainted with our team of dedicated board members and other volunteers who are making The AIDS Monument possible. This month we feature board member, Marc Ware, former CEO of Hot Cotton, in a brief but moving interview.

Why did you join STORIES: The AIDS Monument Board of Directors?
MW: I joined the Board of Directors as a way to honor the many friends I lost to AIDS. I feel it’s the responsibility of the survivors to tell the STORIES of the people that were taken from us.
What is your personal connection to HIV/AIDS?
MW: My partner succumbed to the disease 25 years ago. It’s emotionally draining to relive those dark days but it’s also important that we never forget them. I stand on the shoulders of the friends that I lost and carry their dreams in my heart.
What is one element of the AIDS Monument that you want the public to know?
MW: The AIDS Monument is a place where we can acknowledge, honor, and memorialize our loved ones. There will be areas where we can reflect on the past and feel the power of a community coming together in crisis.
Why is this project important for West Hollywood/Los Angeles?
MW: AIDS was a global pandemic and I feel West Hollywood was a leader in addressing the needs of the men and women who fought for their lives.
If you could communicate in one sentence why the AIDS Monument is important what would you say?
MW: The AIDS Monument is a place where our hearts can share in a chorus of remembrance.